Family Spirit Child Care Centre was founded in 2002 by a group of people living with HIV/AIDS who were moved by the plight of children suffering after their parents died.

While the impact of death was felt across the whole extended family, children were most affected as they were left vulnerable, defenceless and often abandoned.

The Organisation provides a home to these vulnerable children. These include orphans that have no foster family; children that are victims of abuse and home violence; and children affected by war.

Family Spirit is now run by Nyakoojo R. Isaac and Angamita Susan.
Newly wed on the photo

A child free from suffering.

To increase Community Participation and involvement in Prevention, Care and Support activities so as to mitigate the health, social, spiritual, and economic impact of war, home violence and HIV/AIDS at all levels.

Volunteerism, love, unity, accountability, selflessness, humanitarianism, popular participation and inductiveness, honesty and integrity, gender sensitivity.

The goal of the Organisation is to ensure that the challenges of growing up as an orphan are transformed into an opportunity of hard work, resilience and better education for the children in our Organisation