Our farm has been vandalised. We need $50.000 for re-organising

The farm has been our hope to make an ongoing and sustainable production of food for the children living at Family Spirit Child Care Center. The farm was vandalised during August and September 2017, which means that we currently can not grow the crops. 

The vandalised farm led to the children not getting proper nutrition. In order to re-organize the farm project,we require a minimum of $50,000 so that we can put back whatever was vandalised by self-seeking people at the farm. 

In the pictures below you can see:

The life fence that we had planted to mark the boundaries were all uprooted.
The trench path for for water all away from the swamp up to home were broken .
Where there is eucalyptus trees was  where the irrigation systems was laid.
In the small house was a big tank supplying water to the irrigation systems.Inside,was a solar pump and a battery pumping water to the main house where the animals lived.
We used a generator to pump water into the bigger tank.