Apprentinceship Centre

We want to start an apprenticeship centre to help orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) from Family Spirit and the community to get a chance in life through vocational training.

The project should promote greater gender equality. It will ensure greater participation of OVC and enable OVC care givers to collaborate and improve their household livelihood sitiation.

Project goals
The goal of the project is, “to enhance promotion of comprehensive care and support for 1,000 OVC and their families in Masindi district.

Project activities

  1. Train 100 OVC in motor vehicle mechanics and driving.
  2. Train 200 OVC in tailoring, crafts making and knitting.
  3. Train 150 OVC in welding and metal fabrication.
  4. Train 100 OVC in carpentry and joinery.
  5. Train 100 OVC in Poultry, Piggery, Fish Farming, Kitchen gardening and Goat Rearing.