Since August 2017 our challenges for the daily care of the children has increased.

We no longer have enough food. Electricity and water are disconnected and children will soon go without education because the money that was initially used to pay a monthly stipend for teachers has been re-allocated to buy the children some food

We can't continue using toilets because of lack of water but we are appealing to well wishers to assist Family Spirit Children Centre to construct 2 pit latrines.

We have 5 babies - sleeping on the photo - who requires special care and right now we dont have the money for their milk and food.

Donate for the daily life at Family Spirit

As the ophanage and the school are based on volunteering and donations we always need support in the following ways:

  • Fomular milk for one baby - $14 per week
  • Toiletries, soap ($10 per day)
  • Materials for school - pens, pencils, exercise books, calculators, math sets, etc ($15 per year for a child in primary school)
  • Blankets ($7 each) and bed sheets ($5 each)
  • Mosquito nets ($5 each)
  • Matresses ($7 each)
  • Clothes and shoes

The costs are estimates in $US. They may vary due to rising prices and exchange rates.

Mail to: for more information on needs/costs and bank details to donate.