Community participation and involvement

Masindi Family Spirit Child Care Centre is a Community Based Organisation registered with the local government.

The CBO aims to eradicate the negative health, social, economic and spiritual impact that HIV/AIDS, violence and war have in Uganda. Family Spirit acts to increase community participation and involvement in the following ways:

  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS, child abuse and violence.
  • Care and support for orphans, children living with HIV/AIDS, child abuse victims and war affected children.

Family Spirit advocate for and sensitised Health Workers and Health management Committee members to plan adequately for services that will contribute to reduction in maternal and child mortality with the help of funds from International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Uganda (IHAA)




  • To create a community orphanage which provides a home to support and care for orphans and vulnerable children who are directly infected with HIV/AIDS and those affected by war and domestic violence.
  • To create a community education centre to enable the target children access quality education and skills for survival.
  • To provide psycho-social support to the children so that they can fight stigma and discrimination sp that they can feel loved and realise their potential among the community.
  • To collaborate with government and other Civil Society Organisations dealing with HIV/AIDS Programs to seek advice, skills and professional expertise as well as implement some activities for and on their behalf.
  • To train and produce responsible citizens and prepare them for job creation and create more employment opportunities for the communities who are beneficiaries of the Organisation either directly or indirectly.
  • To mitigate stigma and discrimination among the communities though training and sensitisation campaigns