Details on Secondary School

Secondary schools are all over Uganda and in Masindi too. Family Spirit often uses Kabalega for for boys and St. Theresa for girls. They are both boarding schools.

Secondary School is divided into two sections. 4 years of O-level and if they do well enough they can apply for A-level, and later University. Otherwise after O-level they can apply for other educational institutions as Technical or Nursing Institute.

The first term of O-level and A-level include school uniforms and medical fees.

There are 3 terms every year from February-April, from May-August and from September-December. The school year starts in early February.

All expenses below are for one child - without school requirements as clothing, shoes, sportswear, toiletries, sugar, shoe polish, sanitary napkins, pens and papers.


KABALEGA Secondary School   -  ONLY BOYS SCHOOL.
Per Term 3 terms a year = UGX 436,000

First term is UGX. 544,600

Per year for one kid it is UGX. 1,308,000 (approx. $520 + first term $43)

ST. THERESA Secondary School  -  ONLY GIRS SCHOOL.
Pr. 3 terms S1-3  = UGX.388,000

Per year for one child it is UGX. 1.164,000 (approx. $460)

Per 3 terms S4-6 = UGX. 398,000

Per year for one child it is UGX. 1.194,000 (approx. $475)