We have bought a car

Thanks to Veronika Reeves, her friends and family and the people of Ticehurst, UK,  for raising the money to buy a car.

Buying a car means that our transportation to and from the farm, 20 km away from the orphanage, will be so much easier.

The car will partly be transportation for children and the crops from the farm.
Also shopping in town will be easier.

Owning a car means that we don’t have to pay people to come and do the weeding at the farm, because the boys can easier go there and help out, when they are not at school. Also, the younger children could go and visit the farm and learn new skills. And it would be so much easier to get the produced food from the farm to the children.

The raised amount is UGX 15.000.000 - that is Amazing, Thank you!

October 23. 2013